Saturday, 26 November 2011

Chipotle chicken & black bean chilli

One of the biggest challenge for the single cook is serving sizes! There i am, slaving over the stove on a Sunday evening and then still find myself on a Tuesday evening with left overs to eat!  So then you get creative and start halving the ingredients in all recipes to cater for the fact there is only some many times you can eat Spag bol in one week! Tres frustrating indeed, especially as it feels like even the cooking Gods are laughing at your singleness!

I had wanted to try this recipe for a while and  and the chipotle paste was that pesky vital ingredient that I hadn't been able to track down, thankfully Waitrose finally provided!  Now there were 2 things I learned from this recipe, the first being that it appears to be more than enough for four servings and once again I will be eating this for the rest of this week... I could have safely halved it and still had left overs!

Secondly, chipotle paste is basically made from jalapeño peppers, which are spicy!  Considering the recipe says to add 4 tablespoons of the paste and two red chillis,  you need to be pretty comfortable with your eyes starting to sweat and your tongue swelling!  However, it's winter, and little bit of spice helps save on those fuel bills!

It really hit the spot though, it's super simple to make and has a great smokey warmth and I'm secretly a little excited for my left overs already!

Wednesday, 16 November 2011

New Life, New Blog

So I'll try not to make this sound all "Eat, Pray, Love" but life really does throw you some curve balls sometimes!  There I was, aged 31, looking forward to an epic summer of fun and then boom... I got dumped!

I'm now 5 months down the line, a little bit stronger, a lot thinner and ready to take on the world all over again!  I love to cook, I loved to cook for the ex and all my friends.... however, when we broke up, I just lost all interest.  I totally fell into that trap of cooking was a means to survive (hence the weight loss) and I lost all joy and pleasure from it.  But the desire is back and this blog is my chance to document all things food in my new single life.

I'll try and avoid the crazy, angsty single dramas and focus on the food and if I meet someone also the way, then I promise to avoid any smug loved-up mushiness.  Because we know those type of people should be shot! xxx